Last Week

I was a terrible blogger last week. My bad!  In my defense, work and work-outs kept me very busy.  In an attempt to win-back your blog-love, here are the highlights from the past week:

  • On Sunday, John and I had dinner at Dolce Vita with Tammy and Dutch.  Tammy (John’s first cousin) and Dutch (Tammy’s husband) are in town for clinical rotations. They are both medical school geniuses and we enjoyed catching up with them.
  • On Monday, I drove to Austin for work and had lunch with Nelda at 24 Diner. To my delight, they had a GF menu.
  • On Wednesday, I drove back to Austin for work. Nelda, Zach, Denise and I had dinner at Takoba.  Another GF menu. Way to go, Austin!
  • On Friday, John and I had lunch at Cricket’s Creamery & Caffe in the Heights.  This vegetarian restaurant is a few businesses over from our gym, so we have been curious to give this place a go.  The verdict? We loved it.
  • Post workout, I made breakfast for John and myself yesterday morning.  Gluten-free blueberry pancakes (I used GF Bisquick), bacon and fruit.  Not fancy, but oh-so-delicious.

  • For lunch, I was craving tuna…and lightly-salted Fritos. It sounds gross, but it sure made for a  tasty lunch!

  • Last night,  John and I met up with my Dad and other family members to attend my Uncle’s wedding in Lake Jackson, TX. Boy, do I love weddings!

What a great week! Now, on to the next one.

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