Thursday Funday

Thursdays. Ah, Thursdays. Not quite part of the weekend, but close enough to the weekend for me to want to cut loose and have a great time.  So close…yet so far. Yesterday was the perfect example.  It started off with an intense morning of work and moved into lunch with my friend Elizabeth.  We met at Backstreet Cafe for a “quick-lunch.”  Instead of a “business lunch,” our “quick-lunch” turned into a two-hour discussion of work, politics, policy, husbands, families and even more work. Gotta love friends like that.  Embarrassingly, we also started a  new tradition – “Christmas in July.”  Although I have seen Elizabeth countless times since Christmas 2010, I have always forgotten to bring along her Christmas present. So yesterday I brought it to our lunch.

How sad — I lost a glittery Christmas tree from the basket due to the heat.  After lunch, it was back to my office for more work, work, work. But once 6:00 PM rolled around it was time for the July meeting of Women Who Wine.  We met at Agora for Happy Hour — with no pre-planned tasting or plans.  If you haven’t been to Agora, it is a great to place to meet friends for wine, beer, coffee or a snack.  We had a great time catching, sharing stories and laughing. Even though I lugged my nice camera to Agora, I completely forgot to take pictures until almost everyone had left for dinner plans.  But, here’s a picture that  Julie, Caroline and I took right before we left Agora.

Afterwards, Julie, Ian and I had a last-minute dinner at…Jenni’s! Good Times!

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