Rafael Cruz

Sadly, my Grandfather (Rafael Cruz) passed away late this morning.  He was 86 years old.  Because I can’t improve on his words, below is an excerpt of an email that my Uncle Ralph sent to family members this afternoon regarding my Grandfather:

Rejoice with me for my dad has been called home to the Father!  In over 86 years on earth, my dad received many blessings. Thank you Lord for all of them. He also got many trials so that he could struggle and grow closer to God.  A humble and contrite heart you will not refuse, Lord. Pray so that my mother will continue to be blessed by God.

If you can, please keep the entire Cruz family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank You!

6 thoughts on “Rafael Cruz

  1. Blanca Ortega says:

    What a great picture with your grandfather. You are lucky that you were able to share those moments with him while he was on this earth. You and your entire family are in my prayers. May your grandfather Rest in Peace.

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