2011 Baytown Bud Heat Wave

John and I flew back from Phoenix yesterday evening. Good Times! We spent the night at my parent’s house so that getting ready for today’s race would be easier. Fortunately, everything went according to plan! At 6:00 AM, Julie picked me up and we drove over to Lee College to pick up our timing chips for the 22nd Baytown Bud Heat Wave 5 Miler.

This race began in 1979 and stopped in 1999. Some very smart and dedicated runners decided to bring the race back this year and I am so glad they did! This race was f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! :mrgreen: The course was well-equipped and staffed with many volunteers.

There was plenty of water, Gatorade and cold sponges for all runners. There were even sprinklers and water hoses set up for us. The course had some hills (LOL – right, Baytownians?) and lots of sun. Talk about heat wave!! This race was no Joke! I was happy to see the finish line and crossed in 44:29 . Yes!! After the race, they had showers, water, soft drinks, beer (a Baytown distributor was the title race sponsor), sausages on a stick, ice cream, popsicles and huge fans! Julie went with beer and a sausage and I dug into a popsicle.

Best. Idea. Ever. It was delicious! And check out this awesome tech shirt that we received in our race bags.

Sweetest. Shirt. Ever. What a way to kick off the 4th of July. I encourage you to consider running the 2012 Baytown Bud Heat Wave 5 Miler — you won’t be disappointed!

PS — Sorry for the craptastic photos — all of them were taken with my Blackberry!

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