Sweltering Saturday

It’s so HOOOTTT in Phoenix!! 😯 This morning John and I hit the gym for our workouts. There was no way we were going to exercise outside today! Afterwards, John’s Mom made us a very delicious breakfast, complete with hot and smoky green chile.

Thanks, Mom! I also had time to play with this little guy. Hi, Max!

Isn’t he cute!? We spent the afternoon relaxing and reading and ended up eating a very casual lunch at John’s parent’s house. I probably haven’t had this relaxing of an afternoon in a while. I even napped! 😉 Later, I helped Mom Arnold prepare a BBQ spread for dinner. We had brisket, chicken, ribs, beans, corn, salad, fruit salad, red chile, dips and chips. We even had chocolate cake and key lime pie for dessert. Sadly, I had to abstain from the dessert due to the gluten. In the evening, we all watched ET. I love that movie. ALthough even now, I kinda find it creepy. Do you? Are there any movies from your childhood that creep you out as an adult?

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