Saturday Fun

After the 5K, a great shower and a re-packing session, John and I drove over to Liberty Bar.  In a new location, Liberty Bar is now serving breakfast! Yay! Liberty Bar is a San Antonio institution and we were glad to be able to make a pilgrimage.  I enjoyed a plate of scrambled eggs, refried black beans and sautéed potatoes, with a side of tomatillo sauce.

Delicious.  Afterwards, we made the drive to Austin and arrived at the Hunter residence around noonish.  After a while, it was time for another meal — lunch. We dined at El Chile and had great Tex-Mex meals. I also had a “Perfect Margarita,” which lead me to the “Perfect Nap.”  4 hours people! 😯  I guess I needed it!?  For dinner, the four of us (Hunters + Arnolds) went to G’raj Majal Cafe.  It was awesome!  We sat outside under a beautiful tent and ate Indian food to our hearts content.  Afterwards, we had TCBY for dessert.  Looking back, I realize my day was all about eating, drinking, napping and socializing.  Wow — this is starting to feel like a real weekend! :mrgreen:

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