Italy 2011

For the past few days, John and I have been readjusting to post-vacation life. John’s back to work in downtown Houston and I have returned to my road warrior status. We thoroughly enjoyed our 10-day Italian vacation and feel blessed to have been able to take such an adventurous, relaxing and fulfilling trip. For 10 days, John and I ate, slept and lived like royalty. It was fabulous. In case you missed my blog coverage, you can click on the links below, or visit my “Travel” page for my information and posts about the places we visited.

Additionally, you can read more about my review of the hotels we stayed at here. Since several of you have asked where I got my vacation fashion, I will create a separate post for that sometime soon. I also added our trip pictures to our photo-sharing site – Note, I am still uploading pictures from the last year, so it is not completely up to date with all of our travel.

Finally, while vacations can be¬†expensive, they don’t have to be. John and I were able to save money by utilizing airline miles and hotel points that I earned via my job. We also did a lot of research on the best deals and set priorities for our trip. It required planning, but that was half the fun! I hope you are planning a vacation soon. Everyone needs them, including you. Everyone needs time away from work and normal life to recharge their batteries. John and I have been much happier after figuring this out. Think about it!

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