Sleeping in your own bed

Sleeping in your own bed always feels amazing after you return from a vacation. So, last night our bed felt AMAZING after traveling for almost 15 hours! :mrgreen: I forgot how much I love my bed! To be honest, yesterday was quite the Clusterf**k! We woke up at 6AM (Rome time) to make it to the airport in time. We have found that you always need the full 2 hour check-in in Rome because things can quickly go south at the airport.  Such disorganization! Yesterday we sat on the tarmac for almost 2 hours because our fellow Americans couldn’t board our plane and be seated fast enough.  So, we flew 9.5 hours to New Jersey knowing that we were missing our connection to Houston. No stress…yeah right! Once we landed, however, we learned that Continental had already placed us on another flight and had boarding passes ready for us.  We got to the gate with 45 minutes to spare.  Then, they announced that our plane was rerouted to Baltimore and we wouldn’t be leaving for another 2 hours.  Boo! Then they announced that they found another plane, but we needed to go to the opposite end of the airport for a gate change. Ummm. When we got on the plane we found our seats in the back row next to the bathrooms. Awesome.  On the bright side, we arrived in Houston around 9 PM and our luggage successfully made the journey with us.  After traveling for my job, I have learned that you just have to go with it sometimes.  Oh, and wear comfortable shoes to the airport is a must! 😉

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