San Lazzaro & Amalfi – Day Seven

This morning we had plans to meet up with Francesco (the tour guide who showed us Pompeii) and a group of 6 Australian tourists, as well as another tour guide, to do some hiking along the Amalfi Coast. We woke up at 6:00 and took a 7:05 bus to Amalfi, then an 8:05 to San Lazzaro.  John was fine, but I was somewhat horrified by the bus experience.  The drivers are experts, but the very curvy roads + sitting up high in a bus = paranoia! Once we made it to San Lazzaro, we had a quick breakfast before meeting the rest of the group to begin our hike.  And what a journey it was. 

For almost four hours we hiked over 3,000 steps and many miles in order to take in stunning vistas and to gain perspective on the Amalfi Coast.

Although it was challenging, it was worth every step. I took a lot of pictures today (actually everyday) and will be sure to upload them to our travel site and to share the link later. After our trek, we had lunch at Il Teatro in Amalfi. Our table of 10 soon turned rowdy after we ordered.  We had a serious sing-a-long as we ate delicious food.  John and I shared a prosciutto and melon salad, and then I ate part of a sausage and broccoli rabe pizza. 

This pizza was the best I have ever had.  Another entry in the Shelly Arnold History Book! Later, we went to the dock to board the ferry back to Positano, but it had already departed.  Fortunately, Francesco was around to take us exploring in Amalfi.  It was gorgeous and had a very different vibe from Positano. 

When we tried the ferry again a bit later we were told the ferries stopped running due to rough seas.  We tried to take the bus back, but it was crowded due to the closed ferries.  So, we just took a (very expensive) taxi home.  That was fine with us because it meant we had space to breathe and less stress in our lives.  Another expense that was totally worth the price.  Once we arrived, we hit up La Zagara for our afternoon pastry.

For dinner, we headed back to Lo Guarracino.  Because I was feeling extra gluttonous, and ravished from our hike, I ordered the penne arrabiata for my primi piatti and the lemon tagliarini (yes, I had this last night too!) for my secondi. 

Perfection! We split the lemon tiramisu for dessert. 

All in all, today was fabulous. We thoroughly enjoyed our hike, making new friends and exploring Italy.  Good Night!

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