Positano Pool Time – Day Six

John and I were up at the crack of dawn – 5:30 AM! We didn’t have plans to wake up super early and decided to spend our sleepless morning watching TV. After a while, we went to the breakfast hall to partake in the breakfast buffet.  I was a bit skeptical of participating in a breakfast buffet (even if it came with the price of the room) and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.  The buffet offered scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bacon, turkey links, fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, deli meat, fresh vegetables and a smorgasbord of freshly made pastries. Everything looked appealing and wasn’t wilted or misplaced by previous diners. For my first pass, I chose poached pears, brie, a piece of salami and a freshly made donut. 


Everything was delicious. So wonderful, in fact, that I made a second pass. This time, it was eggs, fruit and more brie and salami.

Yum. Why don’t Americans eat cheese for breakfast? Post-breakfast, John and I set up camp at the hotel pool. 

Pure bliss.  After several hours, it was time to eat again. Don’t you just love vacation? 😉  We decided to eat at the pool-side restaurant about 25 paces from our chairs. Convenient, no? We both ordered pizzas and shamefully each only ate about ½ of our pies. 

I cannot describe how delicious these were.  In my opinion, the closest pizza to the fare here would the fantastic pizza served at Dolce Vita in Houston.  Even still, I won’t be having pizza again for a while after we leave Italy. This GF gal has been including lots of gluten and paying the price. Yikes! After more hours of sunning and reading, we did some afternoon shopping and strolling. I cooled off with an lemon and banana gelato. After an hour of rest and reading, I decided to go for my first solo run in Italy. Truth be told, I was trying to escape a beachside student choral presentation where apparently they had not yet learned to sing on key or with the music. Regardless, their voices were broadcast loudly for all to hear. Anyhow, I took on the narrow, windy, steep and curvaceous roads of Positano and put in a sweaty and challenging 3 miles.  What a workout! The views were stunning and the weather was perfect.  I had a great time. While I was running a few men shouted “Bambola!” I Googled it when I got home hoping it wasn’t derogatory.  Its literal translation is “doll,” but it also means babe. Nice!  In the evening, John and I went to dinner at Lo Guarracino, a restaurant just around on the corner on the cliff.  I ordered a bottle of Santa Margarita Pino Grigio for the table and a tomato salad as an appetizer. 

I cannot get over how amazing these tomatoes are. Wow! For my entrée, I ordered the homemade tagliatelli with lemon sauce. 

This was the best pasta dish I have ever eaten.  Seriously.  This dish goes in to the “Shelly Arnold” history book under “favorite meal ever.”  For dessert, we shared a piece of lemon cake. 

Now, we’re heading to bed.  We are going on a 15 mile hike tomorrow and need some rest. Good Night!

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