Positano — Day Five

This morning John and I finally got it right – we set up a wake-up call so we wouldn’t accidentally sleep the world away. 😉  Once we were up, we did a 3 mile run/walk along the Naples water front.  It was awesome.  There were lots of runners and walkers out to watch and to bid good morning. Afterwards, we checked out of our hotel and made the journey to Positano.  We opted for a private car service and I am so glad that we did.  Not only did it rain the entire way to Positano (90 minutes), but the tiny roads were packed with people and cars. It was a tad scary and nerve-wracking. Yikes.  But we made it.  Our driver had to drop us off, send our bags with a porter, and give us directions to the hotel on foot because the roads from a certain point are pedestrian only.  The streets were PACKED with people. Part of this is due to the holiday (remember – Italians had Friday off so this is a long weekend for them) and part of it is due to the thousands of people who have come via cruise ship for a few hours of the day.  Anyhow, we were delighted to see our hotel – it is AMAZING.  It’s beautiful inside and we have a fantastic view from our balcony. 

Truly stunning.  Once we checked in, we went down to the street to the Capricci Trattoria.  We had Paninis with an order of French fries for lunch. 

Actually, I think this was more of a sandwich, which was just fine by me.  Mine had pancetta, fresh mozzarella, olives, peppers, capers, tomato and fresh basil.  It was too die for!  Fresh ingredients, including bread, make everything taste better – probably how they should taste. I might also add that the fries were crispy, dry and not oily.  Delicious! After lunch I took a nap in the room while John watched a movie.  One of my vacation rituals is to sleep when my body feels like it.  Some may argue that I am sleeping my vacation away, but it works for me! After my nap, John and I explored the town and did some shopping.

I am obsessed with octopus and seahorses and found a fabulous hand-painted bowl with both creatures on it.  Yes! I also picked up a few other things, including some tasty homemade orange gummy candy, lemon drops and seasoning packets (these are awesome – Nel and Zach brought me some a few years ago). We had a great time walking around and exploring.  For an afternoon treat, we shared a pastry, coffee and water.

When on vacation, right? 😉 For dinner, we walked over to Max’s – a restaurant recommended by many, including our hotel concierge.

Fortunately, the recommendations were spot on! The hotel has indoor and outdoor seating and is also used as an art gallery.  So, as you dine, you can admire many works of art. We began our dinner by sharing the zucchini blossoms.

These came stuffed with ricotta and salami.  They were amazing and are a specialty of this region.  For my entrée, I ordered the hand-made lobster ravioli. 

This dish was Fab.U.Lous. Not only was the ravioli melt-in-your-mouth savory, but the sauce was delicate, yet rich.  The tomatoes here are legendary and I can see, and taste, why! For dessert, I ordered the lemon soufflé.  The 15 minute wait was absolutely worth it. 

Lemons are a local staple and came to life in this dessert.  By far, our dinner at Max’s was the best we have had on this trip.  Amazing!  After dinner, John and I took a 20 minute stroll along the water.  Life is good!

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