Pompeii and a bit o Naples – Day Four

We had big plans for the morning.  With a scheduled appointment with a tour guide at 10AM, we planned to wake up early and get work-outs in before the day began. Ughhh…then we found ourselves waking up at 9:35 AM! 😳  Black Out Shades + Jet Lag = A recipe for wrecking plans! That’s OK, right? I mean, we are on vacation! Even so, we have never hustled to get ready so fast in our lives.  I am slightly embarrassed to say this, but I only had time to brush my teeth, wash my face and apply face lotion with spf.  No make-up and no hair styling.  A-hem, this meant my hair was thrown into a bun without even brushing it. Who am I? 😯  We met our wonderful tour guide, Francesco, downstairs in our hotel at 10AM on the nose.  Recommended by a friend, we booked him for a private tour of Pompeii.  We took a brief train ride from Naples and arrived at Pompeii in no time.

We spent over 3 1/2 hours exploring the grounds and learning about what happened in Pompeii and how the community lived.  It was all very interesting — in fact, more interesting than I thought it we would be.  I took almost a hundred pictures and won’t share them all here due to space, time and your sanity, however, below are several in an attempt to give you a brief look into what we saw. Here’s a shot of some of the infamous body plasters.

Pompeii’s forum.

One of the world’s first “beware of dog” signs.

The Arnolds at Pompeii.

Mt. Vesuvius.

All very fascinating.  After the train ride home we took a few hours to relax in our room.  Then, we took a walk on our way to dinner.  Here we are by the Gulf of Napoli.

We had dinner at Radichi.  It was wonderful! We both ordered the tasting menu and had beef carpacchio, pasta with boar ragu, rabbit with prosciutto and potatoes, and dessert (we split the warm chocolate tart and a pancotta cake).The food was to die for.  Truly.  It is clear that a lot of time and effort go into these dishes. Now, it’s off to bed. I am beat. Good Night!

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