Rome Via Toronto, eh? – Day One

Our flight from Houston to Rome included a six-hour layover in Toronto.  With our bags checked through and time to burn, we decided to take a taxi downtown for lunch and some exploring.  Our lunch wasn’t worth mentioning, but there are two sites that were.  The first is a “Worker’s Memorial” that honors those that had lost their lives creating Toronto.  There were odd bricks commemorating their lives and well, deaths.

Odd, no?  I think this should be called the “TMI/WTF Memorial.” We also took in the CN Tower. 

I was feeling a bit woozy, dehydrated and crabby, so naturally I was in an awesome mood and didn’t want to make the trek to the top.  So we didn’t — because the Arnolds do everything together.  Even with six hours, our layover didn’t feel that long. Before I knew it we were boarding our Air Canada flight to Rome! Much to my surprise, the airline gave me a gluten-free dinner complete with gluten-free snacks (a ginger cookie and muffin).  The only downside of the flight is the downside of any long flight — the bathrooms.  After a while, the bathrooms are akin to port-o-potties. Apparently, men lose their ability to pee IN the bowl at 37,000 feet. It’s amazing. Or, perhaps they can’t make it in at sea-level either? John would like for me to clarify that these comments do not include him.  Additionally, he is also disgusted by these activities.  Anyhow,  I got some sleep on the plane, but spent the majority of the flight reading “The Royals” on my Kindle, praying and watching episodes of “Community” and ” Modern Family.”  It was all very relaxing and ironically, the longest amount of time I have spent this year without internet access and my Blackberry. Coincedence? I think not!

2 thoughts on “Rome Via Toronto, eh? – Day One

  1. Blanca says:

    I think this should be called the “TMI/WTF Memorial.” – HAHAHA!!! This made me laugh out loud..literally!! But I’m with you on this one. I mean WTF Canada???

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