Memorial Day 2011

What an interesting Memorial Day I had! The day started with the Astros “Race for the Pennant” 5K.  This was my first time to run this race and I really enjoyed it, despite the oppressive heat and humidity…and no shade on the course.

I intended to take it easy, but ended up pushing myself harder than I thought I would.  I guess all of my training is paying off! I finished in 26:12 — my fastest 5K time this year!

Afterwards, Julie, Ian, Brooke, Maggie and I went over to District 7 to enjoy breakfast.  I ordered the migas and wasn’t disappointed.

Even though it was a holiday, I still had to work.  That meant a quick flight to Austin and an afternoon of conference calls and paperwork. Bleh.  However, things got interesting at 7:30 — that’s when Nelda and Zach picked me up.  We went to dinner at Perla’s on South Congress.  We had some fun cocktails and I ordered the Cod Sandwich (sans bun) for dinner.

The food was good, but the service was lacking.  Oh well.  Afterwards, we walked over to the San Jose Hotel for more cocktails.  Do you see a pattern here? 😉  After that, we went to the Long Center to attend a legislative free-for-all reception celebrating faux Sine Die. If you aren’t a part of the Capitol crowd, “Sine Die” is the last day in a legislative session.  Typically, this day is celebrated with raucous parties and copious amounts of alcohol.  Last night was no different.  Lots of people were drinking it up and dancing under the Austin skyline.  I ran into an old boss and we danced like fools…that is until the band covered “Can’t Touch This!”  After that, I decided everything something about the scenario just wasn’t jiving well. No pun intended. After the Long Center party, we made a cameo appearance at another party at the Continental Club.  We were there for maybe 10 minutes.  We just weren’t feeling it, so we decided to go over to the W for drinks. 

Super cozy.  Loved it.  My favorite part was taking the elevator home! :mrgreen:  Crazy Day!

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