Saturday in the Car

I practically leapt out of bed this morning, but I’m not sure why! Although today was supposed to be a day “off” from exercising, I ended up going to the gym anyway. Oh well. Afterwards, I made breakfast for us. We had eggs, Food For Life GF English muffins, cherries and blueberries.

Since we are going on vacation next week, we are trying to eat down the food supply in our refrigerator.  Without major plans for the weekend, we decided to go to Corpus to visit my grandparents before we leave for vacation. We left mid-morning and made our usual stop at Prashek’s in Hilje. Because I am a serious creature of habit, I ordered my usual — sausage with 2 sides of green beans.

Tas-ty! When we pulled into town we decided to check into our hotel first. Except the hotel assigned us to a Smoking Room. Fail. And they were sold out. And every room was sold out in the area — after all, it IS Memorial day weekend. So, we went over to visit my grandparents. They were both in good spirits!

After a few hours, we made the tough decision to drive back. Sure, we could have asked to stay with family, but we both HATE asking for last minute favors. And, I am sure everyone had plans. So, we drove back to Houston. Yes, we spent about 8 hours in the car today! Yikes!

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