Sunday Errands

We usually try to make Sundays “days of leisure” at Cliffwood, however this Sunday was “all business.” After sleeping in (again), I made breakfast for us.

GF biscuits, eggs (mixed with Canadian bacon) and fruit were on the menu.  After some work at my desk, I did a 5 mile run and some stretching. Later, John and I had lunch at Chuy’s.  We originally planned to eat at El Milagro, but a weird computer problem forced them to close early.  So, on to Chuy’s  it was.  Unfortunately, the food was pretty blah.  I had the “Lite Plate” and ended up giving most of my food to John.

After lunch, we did some shopping in Highland Village and at the Galleria.  With our vacation right around the corner, we have a lot of last minute to-dos that needed to be accomplished.  Once we got home, I finished my closet project.  As I mentioned, I labored for many hours in our closet yesterday.  In addition to switching out fall/winter clothes and shoes to spring/summer clothes and shoes, I pulled clothes for our vacation and cleaned, swept and reorganized handbags, scarves and belts.  As a business traveler, it so much easier to walk into my closet, select clothes/shoes/accessories and go, instead of scrounging and looking for particular items.  So, here it is. 

I have separated all of my clothes into business/formal dresses, tops, bottoms, suits/jackets/cardigans, and summer chic.

I have also secluded my “go to” summer business shoes.

It may not seem like a lot of work, but it was! I flew to Oklahoma this evening and am nestled in my hotel room.  I am attending a conference tomorrow and will fly on to Austin on Wednesday.  Good Night!

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