Update from DC

Good evening! As you know, I am in DC for meetings this week.  As I predicted, it’s been pretty bat-shit cray cray and I have little time for anything besides work.  Before I left yesterday, I met John for lunch at Gravitas.  I had the potato gnocchi and it was divine. I also added a side of green beans for more flavor and fiber.

I also had a pretty cute date.

I love him! :mrgreen: After an uneventful flight, I met up with my colleagues for drinks at the “Off the Record” bar at the Hay Adams, then another drink at the W, and then dinner at the Old Ebbitt Grill. Good Times.  Today we were in meetings for 11 hours.  Yes. 11 hours in the same room! 😯 We had a great dinner tonight at Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro and I am now exhausted and full! Tomorrow we do it all over again.  The classic  “Work Hard, Play Hard” cycle. Sigh. Guess I better get some Zzzzs.  Hope all of you are well!

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