Mother’s Day Weekend 2011

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Here’s a picture of us on the day I was born!

And this was us at breakfast today (please excuse the fact that I am slouching and well…).

Before we get to today, let me recap yesterday.  Saturday began with a nice 10K.  The 33rd Annual Lone Star Stampede 10K, to be specific!

Hosted by the Houston Chapter of the Texas Exes (Hook ’em!), this race was really low-key, yet organized. Although the course was partly shaded as we ran through Tanglewood, the weather was still HOT!  I tried to keep my cool and finished in 53:18. This is the fastest 10K I have run in 3 years! Yay Me!! Afterwards, I got cleaned up and John and I headed out to Corpus Christi, TX to visit my grandparents. On the way, we stopped at Prasek’s and had BBQ.

Once we got to Corpus Christi, we spent the rest of the evening visiting with family and hearing lots of stories and jokes.  This morning, John and I took my parents to breakfast.  We had originally planned to take them to Ouisie’s in Houston, but oh well, plans changed.  And, the food was delicious this morning.

After our meal, we went to the local cemetery so that I could take some notes for my family tree.  Sounds odd, but it was really helpful and I was able to collect a lot of information.  On the trip back to Houston, we made a repeat stop at Prasek’s.

No BBQ this time, just water and a glass of ice.  I have spent the evening doing laundry and getting organized. I am going to DC tomorrow and have lots to do. Good Night! :mrgreen:

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