Fitness Update: 5/1-5/7

This week I ran 33 miles, did 2 strength training sessions and did yoga class. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Sunday: 4.2 mile run (speedwork)+ abs & arm workout
  • Monday: 6.2 mile run (treadmill) 
  • Tuesday: 5.2 mile run (treadmill) + leg workout
  • Wednesday: 6 mile run (treadmill) + 30 minute yoga class (on demand)
  • Thursday: 5.2 mile run
  • Friday:  Rest
  • Saturday: 6.2 mile run

For the past 8 weeks, I have shared my fitness updates with all of you in the hopes of keeping myself accountable.  I am happy to report that it is working! :mrgreen: As previously mentioned,  I have challenged myself to run 125 miles in May.  My 33 miles run this week means I have 92 miles to go!  I’m spending most of next week in Washington, DC and am hopeful that I can get in some long runs among the gorgeous memorials. Have a great weekend! :mrgreen:

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