What schedule?

I really enjoy working from home because I can get so much done. Bearing this in mind, I spent part of yesterday evening preparing today’s to do list. And then I woke up today and everything changed!  Don’t you hate it when you have a plan and then life happens?

Nothing too terrible happened over here, I just had 20 or so unexpected items pop up that needed immediate attention. Morning run? Out.  Lunch with John? Out. Mid- morning and afternoon conference calls? Out. Everything on my list? Out.I was able to salvage things and get everything done, it simply took me much longer to get everything crossed off. Let me put it this way — I ate lunch at 4:00 pm. 😯 As such, we kept it pretty simple for dinner this evening. 

Turkey bagelwiches (GF, or course) with popchips. We also had clementines for dinner.

Now I am going back to work with some reality TV in the background. If you need even more “All in the Family,” please jump over to Team Giles to read my guest post on yoga and stretching. Good Night!

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