Cinderella Evening

After a long workday yesterday and today, I am looking forward to a relaxing Friday and weekend.  And…watching the Royal Wedding

If you were wondering if I was, then we must not be friends.  😉  Of course I am going to watch it…live! To get in the spirit, I spent all afternoon playing Cinderella.  I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cried my eyes out and asked some birds to make me an outfit organized the pantry, reorganized our guest bathroom cabinets and baked up a storm. I also reminisced about my favorite royal wedding — the union of HRH John Arnold of New Mexico and Lady Michelle of Baytown.

Oh wait, that was my wedding! :mrgreen: I need a royality check! I know I have issues, so there is no need to remind me. I have a royal menu planned and cannot wait to watch the coverage. I better get to bed — my alarm is set for 3:00 AM! Good Night!

One thought on “Cinderella Evening

  1. hessa says:

    looool i came across ur blog just now and i’ve been watching the wedding live too and reading ur blog in between hehehe enjoy whats left of the celebrations 😀

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