Good Friday

What a day! 😐 I woke up feeling great. I ran 5 miles and did a .25 mile cool down walk.

After a quick shower, John and I were on the road to Taft.  I ate breakfast in the car – grapes and almonds.  So far, so good.

Then it happened.  I started feeling sick. Like food poisoning sick. 😥 We must have stopped at least 5 times.  Then we stopped at Buc-ee’s.

I got a big bottle of water and some popcorn in an attempt to settle my stomach.  That, plus some medicine worked.

After a few more stops, we finally made it to Taft, then on to Portland.  We checked into our hotel, then ate at Pepito’s Cantina.  I ordered the chalupas.

I did my best to eat, but was still feeling mostly Blah. 😳

From there, we drove over to the rehab center to visit my grandparents (Cruz).  Everyone is doing well (my grandfather had a heart attack last weekend and you would never know it), but these visits never get easier. I won’t get too deep here, but in my head I always remember my grandparents as they were 25 years ago.  They are both still hilarious though. My grandmother commented on my “big purse” and asked what was inside.  She also told me to behave! Here is a picture of my grandparents — note that they are holding hands! wink:

After an afternoon at the center visiting with my grandparents and other family members, we went back to the hotel and took naps.  Then, it was time for dinner at Hu-Dat. 

This place comes highly recommended from both of my sisters and I can see why. We shared an order of shrimp spring rolls.

For my entree, I ordered the Pho Tom — Shrimp Pho!

It sure was tasty, but I left not feeling 100%.  To make myself feel better, I popped into the store next door to Hu-Dat — Hibbett Sports. I picked up these cute running shorts.

Because that is just what I need…a 40th pair of Nike shorts! 😆 At least I use them! Now, John and I are settled into our hotel room where I am praying I begin to feel better soon.  Good night, everyone! Please send me your good vibes!

3 thoughts on “Good Friday

    • MCA says:

      Thanks! I was feeling better until this evening. Sigh.

      You would not believe the selection of Nike shorts that this store had. It was awesome!

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