Two Dates, One Day

For the first time in a long time, John and I had lunch and dinner together on the same day during the work week.  This may seem strange to some of you, but due to our crazy schedules we usually only have one meal together per day. Since we are both working in Austin we decided to have a lunch date. Our choice? Gumbo’s — an old classic and special place for us. 

You see, when we were dating, John would pick me up from work so we could have lunch together.  We frequently ended up at Gumbo’s.  Naturally, it was nice to eat there for lunch today and even nicer that the manager recognized us and gave us several compliments.  Gumbo’s is home to my favorite salad in the world — the salmon salad.  I love everything about it — the presentation, textures, scent and tastes.  It is o-so-delicious. 

In addition to salmon, the salad comes with dirty rice, hardboiled egg, cucumber, pepperocini peppers, tomatoes, carrots, kalamata olives and baby greens. Heavenly.  Of course, the best part of a lunchtime date is always talking and laughing with John!  😉 After an afternoon of separate work commitments, John and I met up again, this time for a dinner date. We had dinner at Mama Fu’s on 2nd Street.  The Gluten-Free menu was highly influential in our choice! We started with the edamame…

and I chose the Thai Basil entree for dinner.

This was quite possibly the spiciest, yet most delicious Asian dish I have ever had.  I ate the spicy dish in the hopes of getting rid of the sneezing that has plagued me since I arrived in Austin. We’ll see how this goes. The dish was so spicy that I needed something cool afterwards to cool off my mouth.  Fruit hit the spot!

My apologies for the crappy Blackberry pictures — I left my real camera at home. Good Night, everyone!

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