Thursday Rebound

Yesterday was a bad, blah day.  Today was different. Very different. Why? How? — you ask. Well, the answer is simple — I had an attitude adjustment.  Here are the attitude adjusters that helped me make a Thursday Rebound…

Running. I always feel better after a run. This morning I decided to run until I felt tired — today this meant 6 miles.  It was a glorious run.  My quiet neighborhood provided the perfect tranquil setting and my tunes provided the appropriate level of motivation. In a sense, I “ran out” my bad attitude.

Healthy Eating. Comfort food sometimes helps, but healthy eating always helps me turn a frown upside down. I ate plenty of whole, filling foods today. Lots of color, variety, textures and flavors.









Yoga. Need I say more?  Getting my stretch on means getting my “Omm” on. Today I did a 30 minute yoga class from Comcast’s OnDemand exercise TV. Namaste. 

Napping.  Since I work out of my home (when I am not traveling), I am lucky enough to dictate my own schedule.  Most of the time, I schedule a nap into my day. Sometimes my naps last 15 minutes, other times it is 2 hours.  Today’s nap was 30 minutes on the couch.

Was today a Better Day? Yes! :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Thursday Rebound

  1. Casey says:

    M-Are those wraparound earphones? Do they wrap around ears too? I seem to have bad luck with earphones. Do you like?

    • MCA says:

      Yes, it is a Sony music system and I love it. It is thier upgraded walkman – no cords, just one piece. It is waterproof and the charge lasts for 9 hours. You can add tunes from your iPod (drag and drop) or buy from a separate site. I got mine for $50.00 at the Rockand Roll San Antonio 1/2 Marathon Expo.

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