Oh Garmin, How I Love Thee

Words cannot express how much I LOVE my Garmin! I realize it may seem strange to love an object, but my Garmin has truly changed my life.

A runner for the past five years, I have run 3 marathons (Chicago 2006, 2007, 2010) and quite a few half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks.

Since I purchased my watch in December 2010, almost all of the aforementioned races were done without a Garmin. I know — crazy. Looking back, I realize how much my Garmin could have helped me — probably more than it helps me now. I could go on and on about my love for my Garmin, but think there are four key reasons that explain my affection.

Spontaneity. As a multi-state lobbyist, I travel frequently for my job (several trips a week). With my Garmin, I am able to leave the hotel gym behind and explore a new or familiar city with great ease. For me, this has done wonders for my stress-levels and sense of independence…not to mention sight-seeing abilities. I am fortunate to travel to some unbelievable places, including running trails, thanks to my Garmin’s GPS.

Accuracy. I could never figure out why my training times never equated to race day times. Turns out my 3 and 5 mile loops (created on MapMyRun) were short! Thanks to Garmin, I have a sense of comfort in that a mile is a mile and five miles is…well you get the idea.

Training. Knowing my pace and lap times has literally changed my life. Looking down at my watch and seeing my pace has never been a bigger motivator and my race times have slowly improved! Additionally, the heart monitor is not to be overlooked. I use it occasionally to make sure that I am training in the desired range.

Accountability.  Synching my Garmin to my computer and downloading my data is a way that I keep myself accountable. I love training and keeping track of when I do and don’t workout. Also, as a self-professed nerd who loves data (what can I say? I believe it’s a prerequisite for holding a Ph.D!), I love the ability to use data to improve upon my training. A chart? A Graph? Swoon!

For the record, Garmin did not ask me to write this and is not compensating me for this post. Truth be told, when Healthy Living Blogs tweeted “What helps you achieve your fitness goals” the answer for me was my Garmin and I knew I had to write about it. If you are on the fence about getting a Garmin (they are on the pricey side), really consider how it might help you. I am not for buying things because other people have them. Rather, I prefer to purchase tools that will help me. Mine has helped me immensely and love it. Thank You, Garmin (and Amazon for having a smoking sale on them in December)! :mrgreen:

5 thoughts on “Oh Garmin, How I Love Thee

  1. JILL says:

    I want one of these incredibly badly! But yeah, the price is what has kept me from committing. 🙂 Maybe soon! Really good to read how helpful they can be if you utilize them. Good info. 🙂

    • MCA says:

      Awesome! I think I purchased mine during a 4 hour sale. IIRC, it was a holiday sale — maybe even a cyber-Monday deal!

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