Baby Langbein

I had the pleasure of attending a shower for a long-time friend on Saturday. 

We challenged each other in middle school track (hurdles), had some wild times in high school and probably dated the same guy in college (LOL!), and are still friends! :mrgreen: I was honored to watch her get married, and now she is having a baby!! My how time flies. Anyhow, Tiffani and her husband are expecting a boy in March and they will name him Tyler.

Speaking of Tiffani, she looks fabulous! Look at her!

Trendy, modern and happy. This is how I want to look someday! We played several games at the shower, including the toilet paper game.

Tiff’s mom won the game, although I was one square off. Hey, I was close! 😉 My favorite part of baby showers, however, is always the gifts. I love small things!! Luckily for me (and Tiff and Baby Tyler) there was no shortage of gifts!

Surprisingly, I knew what everything was.  No unusual baby contraptions this time around.  And look at these!

Tom’s shoes for baby. I LOVE them! It was great to see tiff and to catch up with Chrissa. We can’t wait to see Baby Tyler! :mrgreen:

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