Operation Glowstick – Update #1

What you are about to read is *not* an April’s Fool’s joke.  I was in Austin getting ready this morning when John called to tell me that there was a critter in one of our traps.  It was not a raccoon…it was a possum!!! 😯 I know – GROSS! We got off the phone and that was that.  Then the following email exchange occurred:

Me:  Will you send me a picture of the possum?


Me:  Ewwww. Get me a closer picture?

John: Are you joking? It stinks!

Me:  I want to determine gender and figure out if it had babies in the house.

John: ??? (Sigh)

Me:  It looks like a girl!!! 😐

True story, friends! Our pest control team had already picked up the critter before I got home, so I can’t provide additional photos or inspection. Bummer.  However, I refuse to believe something so small has been causing all of this noise.  There are more up there.  Time will tell. Just wait.

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