Weekend Recap: Day of Beauty & Capitol 10K

John and I spent the last 24 hours in Austin, Texas with the Hunters! While the guys played golf yesterday, Nelda and I treated ourselves to a “Day of Beauty.”  :mrgreen: For us, that meant massages, pedicures, manicures and beauty naps. It was glorious! After our “Day of Beauty,” John and I ate at North and Nelda and Zach painted the town red for a friend’s birthday.  This morning, we all went downtown for the Capitol 10K.

Nelda, Zach and I ran, and John spectated from his law office (he saw us run by!). Despite the hills, I had a good run today and finished in 57:29 (avg. 9:15 pace).  Not a PR, but my best 10K  time this year! Yay! :mrgreen: After our run, we went to Galaxy for brunch. To my surprise, Galaxy offers a gluten-free menu.

Wow! I will be eating at Galaxy more often! For brunch, I ordered Eggbeaters with bacon and a side of rice toast.  Everything was delicious, especially the tiny piece of rice toast. Yum!

After brunch, I downed the coconut water that the race organizers were giving away this morning.

It was delicious and super-hydrating. I hope to see a lot more coconut water in my future. What a great and relaxing weekend! :mrgreen:

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