I Sold Out!

Last night, John and I attended Spacetaker’s “Sell Out” Gala.  Spacetaker is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to provide resources to artists in the greater-Houston area.  These resources include business contacts, business planning tools and networking opportunities.  I serve on the Board of Directors for Spacetaker and am therefore biased…but this is a fabulous event that is a no-miss if you are young and hip! 😉  Food, fun and great people watching. The theme was “Sold Out” — a nod to artists who have “gone to the darkside.”

Prominently honored last night, was Justin Beiber! His face even appeared on our VIP badges.

Here I am snuggling up to the Biebs. Tweens, eat your heart out! 😉

Guests were encouraged to dress as artist sell-outs and most people took Spacetaker up on the challenge.  We had Britney, Beyonce, Diana Ross, Bob Ross, Kesha, Rachel Zoe, Black Swans and many others.  John and I had originally planned to dress like Kourtney and Scott, but timing wasn’t on our side! 😳

Instead, we went as our sell out selves and I wore a dress that I haven’t worn in years!

I think the last time I wore it was in 2009 in Rome.  See, it’s so short that I can only wear it in Europe have to be careful about what event I wear it to! Scandalous! We had a really wonderful time last night and got to catch up with a few friends.  Il Divo even made an appearance!  As if the company, food, decor and entertainment weren’t enough, we even scored 2 fitness packages in the Silent Auction.  All told, we scored 8 personal training sessions at Studio Fitness, 3 months of unlimited yoga at Yoga One, 3 personalized Pilates sessions at Pilates Concepts, 2 6-week training sessions at Vault and a goodie basket from Bike Barn (including a $50 gift card).  I see some training, pilates and yoga in my future! :mrgreen: If you aren’t familiar with Spacetaker and want to get involved — please let me know! You won’t be disappointed!

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