Okay, there may *not” be paranormal activity in my attic, but it sure sounds and feels like it! 😯 Over the past few years we have occasionally heard sounds coming from our ceilings.  We have even heard scratching and clawing and I once saw a raccoon crawling off our roof and onto a gutter. Gross! Our best guess is that we have a raccoon or possum making its way around up there.  However, last night was bad.  REALLY Bad.  The sounds were so loud that it woke John “I-sleep-with-ear-plugs” Arnold up!  That’s loud! 😯 It sounded like a cougar was tearing up our attic in search of a meal.  I’m not gonna lie – I was pretty scared.  It was weird.  We could literally hear the critter (or critters) moving from room to room via the ceilings.  Because we have a flat-roofed house it is hard for anyone to get up into the crawl space to check it out.  We do have someone coming out to trap the critters and take hold of this situation…next week.  I am somewhat curious to see what is up there, but then the rational side of me says I will be scarred for life if I see what I have been rooming with for a few weeks.  Will it be this…

Or this…

Or heaven forbid…THIS!

Yuck.  This whole thing grosses me out.  And if it has babies up there….Guess who’s not sleeping tonight!?

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