Why I Run

People often ask me why I run as much as I do.  The answers are simple.  I run because…

  • I love to exercise
  • Running helps me live a healthy lifestyle and to remain active
  • Running calms me…both mentally and physically
  • I still get that runner’s high…every time
  • No matter what else happens during the day, running is always a gift to myself
  • Running is challenging to me – some runs are great, others are painful and hard won
  • Running = ME time

Finally, I run because I can.  For example let’s take today.  I was stuck participated in a few meetings that lasted for 8 hours in a conference center in downtown San Antonio…in rooms without windows.  This gluten-free goddess was also challenged on her first day of a new lifestyle with interesting menus throughout the day. I still did my thing, even though it was very difficult.  Through everything (strategizing, presenting, listening, working, networking, etc.) I had the pleasure of knowing that I ran 3.5 miles this morning with 2 of my colleagues.  We woke up before dawn to run along the RiverWalk.  We chatted, ran and enjoyed the morning as the sun came up. I don’t know about you, but the memory of that can keep me energized and motivated during the day.  I also love the idea of beginning my day with a “Win.”  No matter what else happens during my day, I always know that I started with a “Win.”  To be clear, a “Win” doesn’t necessarily mean that I set a pace record, won a medal or tackled many miles.  For me, a “Win” means I woke up, got dressed, put on my shoes and Garmin and gave running a shot. With that, I guess I better get ready for tomorrow’s early call…meeting my colleagues again to Run! :mrgreen:

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