Keeping It Real

When my alarm went off at 4:00 AM this morning I knew it was going to be a cray cray kind of day! :/ I flew to Little Rock this morning on a 7:40 AM flight. Apparently every business traveler in the greater Houston area takes an early morning flight on Mondays because the airport was bananas. Seriously. The screening/security line, and the Elite Access line at that, took 45 minutes to get through. Friends, I am not wearing wait-in-line-for-45-minutes shoes today. I am wearing 4 inch diva heels. So, by the time I got through with my meetings (at the 4 story State Capitol) my feet felt like ground turkey. Seriously – I wanted to call an ambulance! Instead of calling 911 I googled “The Gap” and went straight there on my way to the airport. I went in and came out with a new outfit, courtesy of Gap Body. Yoga pants, tank top, warm-up jacket and flat shoes = a new me! They were having a 30% off sale so my entire outfit cost $76.00. Cheaper than an illegitimate emergency call for an ambulance and ER visit, right? So, I did an airport bathroom clothes change and am ready to fly back to Houston. Since the Little Rock Marathon was yesterday everyone is asking me how I did! At least people think I look like I ran a marathon. Or… does that mean I look busted? And yes, I realize that I am an idiot.  😳 But…at least my feet feel good!

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