2011 Stride 4 Stroke 5K

This morning, Julie, John and I were up early to run the Stride 4 Stroke 5K. Because John’s firm sponsored the race, we had access to the VIP lounge.  Food, drinks, ample seating and a warm room were provided in the “R Club.” This was a welcome treat on such a cold and windy morning! Julie and I were there as a part of “Soledad’s Heartbreakers,” a team formed by a friend of ours in honor of her grandmother.

The course winds around the Rice campus, utilizing parking lots, streets and sidewalks.  I finished the race in 26:47 (8:48 pace) and placed 7th out of the 56 people in my age group. This was my first run since last week’s race and yet my right hamstring was still very tight.  What the heck? I have no idea what is going on.  Anyhow, John finished the race in under 30 minutes and met his goal time. Yay John!

Unfortunately, the wind and rain forced the race directors to close down some of the post-race activities.  I did, however, get a chance to meet Union Jack.

We all had a great time despite the cold and windy weather.  This is a great, family oriented race that raises money for a great cause.  If you are a runner or a walker, you would fit right into this race.  Please give this race a thought for your 2012 calendar!

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