Friday Night Fun

After a very rough work week, I was ready to cut loose last night. So when Julie, John and I went to Cafe Bello to celebrate Mini T.’s 38th birthday, I was in the socializing mood! :mrgreen: We started with drinks on the terrace of the restaurant.  What a great view and great breeze.  Here are Julie and I with the birthday girl.

I am not sure why I have a Little-House-On-The-Prairie Hair-Do in this picture, but I am simply amazed that my hair held a curl for longer than 2 minutes.

It is for that reason alone that I am fascinated by this picture. But look at Mini. I love her! I couldn’t partake in the food (most had gluten or casein), but I hear it was amazing.  After a while, look who showed up…my buddy, Ian!

He is such a doll! In addition to Ian, I was so happy to see lots of friends there last night.  As you might imagine, it has been hard to catch up with people given my crazy schedule.  And, it has been hard to spend time with this man!

And no, I wasn’t trying to match my hair color to John’s coat. 😳 After a  few hours of mixing, mingling and drinking, John was ready to go home and curl up with Pepper (Julie’s dog).

Julie, Ian and , however, were ready to eat. Since Julie had never been there before, we ended up at Jenni’s Noodle House.  Fabulous food and company and hilarious conversation. What a great Friday!

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