WTF Wednesday

Today was a roller coaster ride. Seriously.  We were awakened by the smell of smoke around 2:00 AMish.  Security couldn’t find the source so they told us it was OK to go back to bed. Ummmm….no. This gal stayed up all night/early morning thinking about how I was going to die by involuntary cremation and also thinking about what I would grab on my way out of the burning hotel. I finally decided I wouldn’t bring anything but my jewelry since I would be going down 16 flights of stairs.  Am I demented? YES. Did you need me to tell you that? NO.  Anyhow, I was in our regional office just before 8:00 AM and sat in the same chair until 12:30.  Sounds like fun, no? At least they fed us lunch – Rudy’s! :mrgreen: I have gone years without bar-b-que, but have had Rudy’s twice in less than 1 week. Today I had a serving of beans, turkey and sausage. Texas Delciousness!  We also celebrated February office birthday’s with Shiner Bock.  No, not the beer…a cake!

Isn’t that cake adorable? I don’t like beer, but I love this cake and my very thoughtful colleagues. I didn’t sample any of the red velvet cake, but it looked and smelled amazing. After lunch I had another meeting, then hoofed it to the Capitol for 4 more meetings. My poor feet, including my bruised right food. Guess it doesn’t help that I was rocking 4 inch heels. 😳  I picked up John for a quick car switch-a-roo and spent some time in my room this afternoon catching up on emails and relaxing my tired feet. I also had this awesome snack.

These are high on the gluten scale, but I ate them anyway. I also watched 2 episodes of Seinfeld. Talk about two attitude adjusters! Love! Early this evening, we went to Fleming’s for a dinner in honor of the conference planning committee that John is a part of. 

I haven’t been to Fleming’s in a while, so I was looking forward to this.  I have determined, however, that these types of occasions are more manageable if you partake in the cocktail hour. I didn’t partake – big mistake! Ha! Although the food was fabulous, cocktails would have made me forget that we were there for 3 hours. 😯  On the upside, I got to spend time with John and ran into a few family friends.  All in all, it was a good time. Now it is time for bed – I have been up for way too long! Good Night!

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