National Margarita Day 2011

I flew to Austin this morning and John met me here this afternoon. We took advantage of being in the same town (!) by going out to dinner and meeting up with the Hunters! :mrgreen:  To celebrate good eats, and National Margarita Day (who knew?), we met for dinner at Vivo’s.  If you haven’t experienced Vivo’s — You must.  Billed as a healthy Mexican food restaurant, this place offers great ambiance, wonderful eats, an awesome outdoor patio and great service.  I even kicked-off my bachelorette party there back in the day! Anyhow, for dinner I ordered the California nachos with chicken. Chips + beans + cheese + tomatoes + guacamole + alfalfa sprouts + chicken = Deliciousness. I also ordered a Paloma Margarita. How could I not? Today is National Margarita Day, after all! 😉 Sorry I don’t have pictures — it was very dark inside the restaurant. Oh well. We were so happy to see Nelda and Zach – at a decent hour no less. I’m actually going to try to go to bed early — I have an early wake up call tomorrow. Good Night!

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