My Home Away from Home – Austin

Hello! I am currently working away in Austin and, quite honestly, will be spending a lot of time here in the next few months.  When I am not staying with the Hunters I am usually a resident of the Sheraton Hotel when I travel to Austin.  Friends, I love this hotel.  It’s not fancy, but it is a Starwood property (and you know I am a points whore!) and I have Platinum Membership with the Starwood group.  This means I get a 4pm checkout, free parking, free wifi, access to the club lounge (free breakfast and afternoon cocktails), a welcome gift…and the list goes on. I also get upgraded to suites when they are available.  Well, friends, a mega-upgrade was available on this trip.  Check out my room!

Like I need a dining table and living room?!  Maybe I should be hosting slumber parties and meals? Anyhow, I appreciate the upgrade — it sure helps make Austin home away from home! 😉

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