It’s time for another edition of “The Traveling Misadventures of Michelle.” I think I could devote another blog to this, but I digress.  Earlier this week I thought I had my travel misadventure out of the way when I got a mystery substance (barf? baby food? who knows!) on the sleeve of my suit jacket. Apparently I was WRONG. Yesterday, I flew to Baton Rouge to attend a few meetings on Thursday (today).  After delays, I finally made it to Baton Rouge. Upon arrival, I learned that the Governor had not only declared a state of emergency, but all state offices would be closed tomorrow.  So, basically I had flown all this way for nothing.  Oh well, since I was flying on to Little Rock I figured everything would balance out and I would at least make those meetings.  Well, apparently I was WRONG again.  Now that IAH is closed until tomorrow, I won’t be leaving Baton Rouge until SATURDAY. Seriously.  All flights tomorrow afternoon are booked. And now I am going to miss my meetings in Little Rock.  Not cool.  To boot, stores and roads are closing down here in the thriving metropolis of Baton Rouge due to freezing rain.  I am trying to remain calm, but am not doing well in that regard.  At least I have a laptop with wi-fi, a hotel gym and room service, although the gluten-free options are almost non-existent. Here is my home for the next few days.

Could be worse, right? If you have any tips for enjoying my stay in Louisiana, please let me know!

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