2011 Houston Marathon Day

One of my favorite days of the year in Houston is the day of the Chevron Houston Marathon.  I have participated in the Half Marathon event for the past 5 years, with the exception of this year.  But I won’t dwell on that here :evil:.  The Arnold house was full of excitement this morning. Nelda, Zach and Kris were ready to run.


Heck, even the Arnolds were ready for the 5K.


Under light rain, the Arnolds and Cruz gals ran the El Paso 5K. 

This was my Mom’s first 5K.  Go, Mom! :mrgreen: 

I finished in 26:30! After our race, John, Julie, Maggie and I drove over to Mile 18 and set up our Little Debbie Refueling Station.  It was a hit!


We passed out 80 snacks amid smiling faces and thumbs up! It was a great experience! We made it to the finish line just in time to see Team Hunter cross the line!  Here is the crew post-race!


After showers, we all went to Baytown and hit up Wings and More for post-race munchies.

I had some jalapeno and pickle chips.

Wow – this was a first for me! Then I ate a part of the chicken tender basket. 

The food was so tasty, but I have been a sickling all afternoon.  When will I learn to completely avoid gluten? 😦  Anyhow, today was a great day! Congratulations to all of those who ran today! :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “2011 Houston Marathon Day

      • Shundea says:

        I guess I need to start watching the entire commerical. It was just a commercial for Jennifer Espisito’s baked goods product line.

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