Pre-Race Prep

I spent the majority of the morning cleaning the house and prepping for tomorrow’s festivities.  I made goodie bags for all of my favorite runners…

and made signs for Nelda and Zach.

In terms of support, I plan on hosting a Little Debbie Refueling Station tomorrow. 

Basically, I will hand out Little Debbie cakes to any runner who wants one.

This may seem like an odd gesture, but as a marathon runner…this is a gift! When you are chugging along, hating life and wondering why you decided to sign up for a marathon, all you need is a shot of sugar to make it all better. Trust Me. In terms of pre-race carbs, some of us went to Dolce Vita for dinner. To my surprise, Dolce Vita serves gluten-free dishes! :mrgreen: I went with the corn spaghetti mixed with oliver oil, garlic and chilis. Delicious!

Now, it’s time for bed. For the first time, everyone in the Arnold residence is running tomorrow. Wahoo!

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