Visit to Baytown

Last night, John and I spent the evening in Baytown. We went to church with my Mom and had dinner with her, my Dad and Julie. I know I have mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again – my mom is an AMAZING cook. To help me stay on course with my gluten-free diet, she made chicken and rice as a an entrée and homemade pinto beans on the side. 


Delicious! For those eating gluten she made homemade tortillas.  Are you kidding me??

I just had to have one. So I did.  Afterwards, we had a very relaxing evening of TV watching, talking and laughing.  This morning, Julie, Maggie and I hd an early morning run planned.  We ended up doing a 6 mile run, including an over and back on the Fred Hartman Bridge.  It was great, albeit the wind, height and dead raccoon on the bridge. Yuck! Afterwards, I met Mom and John at Ricardo’s for breakfast.


Ricardo’s is a Baytown classic.  I LOVE it.  I ordered a potato and chorizo taco and a traditional chorizo taco. When I did, John raised an eyebrow in his “you-are-violating-the-gluten-policy” way. 


Little did I know he was right to judge me.  Although the food was fabulous, I have been sick all afternoon. 😳  I hate it when John is right! 😦

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