NYE 2010: Day Two

Given our terrible sleeping situation, John and I slept until 9. This is unheard of in modern Arnold history! We immediately phoned Continental and were greeted with disappointing news. No available flights out of ZLO (Manzanillo), Puerto Vallarta (PVO) or Zihuatanejo (ZIH) for the next 6 days. With no alternate hotel options…we were stuck there! We immediately conversed with hotel staff and they were surprisingly sympathetic. They asked us to have breakfast and then come back to the front desk. We immediately walked over to the restaurant and had a fantastic sea-side Mexican breakfast. Nothing like the sound of rolling waves as you eat your egg-whites with ham, refried beans and homemade hash brown.

This is another reason why we love Mexico – good food! Afterwards, we returned to the front desk and they offered to show us two alternate rooms – they insisted that they wanted to “make things right” for us. To our shock, and pleasure, both rooms were their grandest suites, complete with private, heated plunge pools and magnificent views. To boot, they were valued at three times what we originally paid for our room (!!!) and were deliciously quiet. We picked a room and settled into it.

This is another reason why we love Mexico – Mexican hospitality. We changed into our bathing suits and camped out on the beach…for 7 hours.

We only left to order lunch – which was delivered and consumed beach-side.

Somebody pinch me. We watched the sunset, then headed back to our suite to freshen up.

2 hours later we had dinner. I had a salad, then the tortilla soup. Tortilla soup is a “must” in Mexico, so I did. It was Heavenly. I also had a Mai Tai. De-lic-ious. My how things changed for us within 24 hours. After dinner we went back to the room and watched The Interpreter (we checked it out of the DVD library earlier). Not a bad movie. Zzzzzz.

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