NYE 2010: Day One

Since we began dating, John and I have always tried to take a trip between Christmas and the New Year. These have historically been good travel times for us and always a good time to simply get away. We also love the idea of starting the new year together in a new place (usually)…together. Here’s a rundown of our New Year trip history:

2004 – San Francisco
2005 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
2006 – Merida, Mexico
2007 – Costa Rica
2008 – Paris
2009 – Santa Fe

This year, we decided to celebrate the New Year by going to El Careyes in Manzanillo, Mexico.

John and I arrived in Manzanillo without incident. We were met by a very nice gentleman from El Careyes that drove us 50 minutes to the hotel. We were thrilled with what we saw. Manicured lawns, perfectly sculpted grounds, amazing views – just what we had grown to expect from Mexico.

We went to our room and immediately hustled down to the restaurant for a very late (4:00 pm) lunch. We dined, content with our new surroundings, and then we heard it. Ear piercing shrieks and splashing water. K-I-D-S!! And then I saw it. A stroller.

And then another. And another. WTF? Why were their kids in our private oasis? The kids proceeded to yell, scream and annoy all afternoon. I am not exaggerating here. This was like watching kids experience and endless cycle of sugar-high, Christmas morning shenanigans in a Lord of the Flies setting. In other words, a child-ruled hell. And the parents? Well, let me say this. There are annoying kids, then there are very rich spoiled kids. We had the latter. We spoke to the front desk and were informed that children were allowed during the holidays. FAIL. You may think we are crazy, but we don’t like traveling with kids. We don’t have them at home, so why on earth would we want to vacation with them? I Love kids and have devoted my career (thus far) to advocating for them. However, I draw the line when I am shelling out a ridiculous sum of money for rest and relaxation. The hotel made no apologies so we set about researching new options – flights, other hotels, etc. Time was not on our side. We had our hotel call other luxury, adult-only hotels in the area. No luck. Within 200 miles? No luck there. We had dinner and put ourselves top bed. Boo. At 2:30 AM we were awakened by the sound of a raging party. Apparently Heidi Klum and Seal like to party – there was a crazy party at their neighboring house (Seriously). So…guess who were SOL?..Los Arnolds.

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