NYE 2010: Day Four

Whaaattt? Yeeeeeeaaahhhh. I woke up this morning with Little Jon in my head. What a way to begin 2011! I woke up at 9:30 (Who am I?) and got dressed to head to my previously scheduled New Year’s massage. Oops…it was scheduled for 11, not 10. Oh well, guess I get to have breakfast with John. I had a hankering for chorizo…and naturally the kitchen had it even though it wasn’t on the menu.

Yet another reason why I love Mexico. We both had chorizo scrambled with egg whites, a side of refried beans and hash browns. Holy Moly was everything fabulous. I also had freshly prepared pineapple juice on the side. Afterwards,  I walked over to the beach and set up camp for John and myself.

What a disaster. My “massage” that is. Long, and frustrating story short, the hotel bungled by spa appointment. They didn’t have record of it (we had email confirmation), the “masseuse” was late, the “masseuse” was really a cleaning lady (seriously)…need I go on. I left after 35 minutes of a faux massage. Sigh. After lounging and reading for two hours, we had lunch. Interestingly, a beach-side waiter took our order and even gave us a lunch menu to order from. WTF? We have been here for 4 lunches and we hadn’t seen this yet! More lunch-y options with cheaper prices. Hello!? John had a chicken burger and I had the chicken fingers.

What can I say…I think I need more grease to soak up last night’s residual Mai Tais! The fingers were delicious and I will be ordering them again. After lunch, John and I mulled travel options for our post-sessions (I will have 4 over in June!) trip. Good times.
I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. Completely unnecessary, but oh so appreciated. We watched the end of the Rose Bowl, then went on to watch the Fiesta Bowl. Since we were both still in our beach wear we decided to order room service for dinner. Why change our lazy ways? We spent the rest of the quiet evening watching tv and reading. It was like a regular evening in Casa Arnold…except we were in Mexico. And we were thrilled by that.

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