A Snowy 3 Miles

Just as I began lacing up my running shoes…the snow began to fall in Santa Fe.  As a kid from Baytown, Texas – where snow is uncommon – this is a Big Freaking Deal! :mrgreen: I was hesitant to go out and run in it, but there has to be a first time for everything, right?  So, out I went in my running capri pants, gloves, half zip, North Face ear warmers and UT cap. I am sure I looked like a Hot Mess, but boy was I warm and toasty! My feet felt heavy and breathing was a tad difficult, but other than that it was amazing.  On my run, I passed the Loretto Chapel…

…the Cathedral…

and a slew of state and municipal buildings.

Running in the snow was pretty and relatively easy, although a tad bizarre.  For the first time in my life as a runner, I didn’t see another runner while I was running. Either everyone already ran or I am an idiot for running in this weather. Hmmph – I am sure it could go either way. However, I am not deterred and will run again tomorrow. I am going to Mexico in 13 days and can’t afford to slack off now!!

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