San Antonio Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon

Early Saturday morning, John, my parents and I packed up and drove to San Antonio for the weekend.  Before we knew it, we were pulling up to Alamodome for the San Antonio Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon Expo.  This expo is fairly small, but always chock full of samples, products and things to buy! After I picked up my race bag, I stood in line for an opportunity to meet Mel Keflezighi!

This Olympian and NYC Marathon winner was humble, approachable and very kind. He even gave me some running tips while he signed my book!

After the expo, we hustled over to Paloma Blanca for lunch.

We purposely picked this place because it offers a GF menu! Yay! Nevertheless, this was a very lovely restaurant with many choices for everyone. To my surprise, they even had GF chips and salsa!

I ordered the GF verde enchiladas with beans and rice and everything was delicious!

I was pleasantly surprised! After lunch, we drove over to the Trinity campus so John could relive his glory days visit the campus store. He even gave us a tour!

After checking into the hotel, we all rested for a few hours, then went to mass at the Catholic church downtown. Afterwards, we walked back over to the hotel for dinner at Zocca.  Our original plan was to eat at Maggiano’s (which has a GF menu), but when the restaurant confirmed that they could accommodate a GF eater with pasta and rice we were sold! The restaurant had a special runners menu and the server told me they should sub in GF noodles or rice for any dish. Score!

…except when the waiter arrived he said they couldn’t accommodate me.  The chef confirmed it. So my family ate their dinner while I sulked.  Afterwards, John took me to PF Changs where I ordered several items off their GF menu.

Delicious! After a restful evening of sleep, I woke up bright an early, ready to run the race!

I ate most of these Gluten-Free Chex to fuel before the race!

The air was brisk, the temperature was in the 50’s and everything was perfect. I raced my hardest and finished in 2:02:24! I felt great when I finished, although I was really battling energy fatigue around Mile 11. I am sure that has to do with my GF diet, and I am going to have to really work on this!  Here are my splits:

  • 5K –  27:53 (8:59 pace)
  • 10K – 56:23 (9:06 pace)
  • 7.6 Miles – 1:06:48 (8:48 pace)
  • 10 miles – 1:31:41 (9:11 pace)
  • Finish – 2:02:24 (9:21 pace)

After everyone got cleaned up, we walked over to Mi Tierra for a celebratory lunch. Bloody Marys all around!

Although Mi Tierra doesn’t have a GF menu, I was able to order a few items that I could eat. It was fabulous! All in all, the weekend was great! :mrgreen:

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