Chrissa’s Getting Married

Chrissa, my friend of 26 years, is getting married in 2 weeks! :mrgreen: To celebrate, I hosted a lingerie shower for her today.

We had all of the essentials – food, wine and plenty of fun! Speaking of food, my goodness did we have plenty of it! We had a cheese and meat tray, a fruit bowl, a veggie plate, 2 different dips, 3 varities of crackers, almonds and olives.

And then we had sweets! Cupcakes…


And more cookies for party favors!

We also had plenty of flowers and I even tested by craftiness by making a scrapbook page and framing it.

We played a few games, but mostly spent our time laughing and catching up with each other. Chrissa also received lots of fun gifts. I love lingerie showers!

Since I was so busy playing hostess, I didn’t get a chance to get a photo with the bride to be. So, here is one of us from about a year ago.

Can’t wait until the wedding, Chrissa! XOXO :mrgreen: I love how happy you are!

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