Travel Karma

As I pulled into the Parking Spot at IAH this morning, lovely Denisha greeted me. She asked what terminal I was flying from and if I wanted covered parking. “Terminal B and yes, please,” I replied. “Row H, Baby. Have a great flight!” she replied. Then I replied “You too!” without hesitating. FAIL. As I drove off Denisha and her colleague were laughing and making fun of me. Now, that’s not very nice. 😳  Funny as hell, but wait till I am gone to poke fun. Haters! Anywho, when I checked my bag, the online check-in system asked if I wanted to move flights because my flight was oversold. They were offering $200.00. Hmmm. Since my schedule is flexible I could do this. But… Travel Lesson:You can get more money at the gate then at check-in if your flight is oversold. Knowing this, I declined and went to the gate. Before we boarded, they made an announcement that the flight was oversold and asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to move flights for a $300 voucher. See. I told you! :mrgreen: I volunteered and the gate agent not only gave me $300.00, but also threw in an upgrade to 1st class.  And I only get in an hour later than originally scheduled.  Now that’s what I call good travel karma! 🙂 For the record, if you plan ahead $300.00 can buy you a RT ticked to Mexico. Just sayin’. Score! When I finally got to Albuquerque there was an error at the Hertz rental counter. Since they gave away my reserved car, they upgraded me to a Cadillac CTS, complete with Sirius Radio, GPS and a large engine.  Rarrrr. Good Times. Now I am cuddled up in my room at the Inn of the Governors in front of my kiva fireplace. So cozy. The only thing that was a setback was the weather.  Unfortunately, the clouds interfered with my view of the sunset.  Oh well.  Time to get some work done. Good Night! :mrgreen:

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