Get Your Spook On

John and I have been walking 3 miles in the evenings as a part of our Fall Routine.  It’s great. We get to chat, see the neighborhood and enjoy the weather.  Well, the last few days we have totally felt one-upped by our neighbors!  Everyone has totally spooked out their homes for Halloween! 😯 Here are a few examples.

Well, Willow-Meadows neighbors, the Arnolds are about to bring it! 😉  This morning John brought in our Halloween decorations from the shed and declared that we didn’t have enough decorations. WTF? Did he say that? Oh, yes he did. Right after he ordered me to go to Target to buy Halloween blow-up yard art.  Who kidnapped John and who is this man?? After a few minutes of arguing talking, I was able to get John to calm down and to decorate with what we have and worry about the blow-up dolls art later. We ended up decorating our gate with faux cobwebs, spiders and these ghosts.

I have a feeling there will be decorating in our future!

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