Day after the Marathon

The day after the Marathon, John and I woke up early and decided to go for a walk.  Not only did we want to enjoy the city, I also wanted to keep moving my legs as much as possible. We embarked on an hour walk of the city and started in Millennium Park.  Wow! They actually have seasons in Chicago!

We approached Cloud Gate (aka – The bean) and had to take a few pictures!

After a glorious morning work, John had to go to work and I had to pack up! 😦  Oh well.  Before we left, we met Nel and Zach at Giordano’s for deep dish pizza.

Holy moly, their pizza delicious! Doughy, cheesy and so melt-in-your-mouth satisfying! Afterwards, we walked over to the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower to see the city from it’s highest point.

We stood in line for 20 minutes and finally made it to the 103rd floor – the Sky Deck.  Check out the views!

For those of you who don’t know, I am very afraid of heights and have also been diagnosed with vertigo. Unfortunately, I didn’t have pills on me and was seriously freaking out! 😳 When we got to the ledge (glass boxes protruding from the building) I just couldn’t stand on it.  See, I could only get my foot on it.

John, had no problems with the height.  I think he looks very cute here! :mrgreen:

With an hour to kill, we then walked over to the Art Institute of Chicago’s modern wing. 

It was very impressive.  Then, the moment we had been dreading arrived – it was time to check out of the W City Center, our temporary Chicago home.

But…before we left we had one more “to do.”  Any guesses?  Well friends, as if we hadn’t eaten enough, we trotted over to Dunkin’ Donuts for a little afternoon pick-me-up!  Munchkins it was!

And just like that our trip to Chicago was over. Sniff, Sniff…Imiss it already! We had a wonderful time there and can’t wait to go back. Who’s running the Marathon next year? :mrgreen:

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